Monday, September 6, 2010

Ranting and Raving....

As you can see I am up early!
Didn't really sleep much last night.  Why??  Ummm... IDK.  (If I did know, I wouldn't have fixed it and slept.)  Today is Labor Day and.... there isn't an and.  Just having one of those BLAHHHH moments.  I am excited because I went shopping!!!!! Of course I went to my LSS (Local Scrapbook Store) and got some cool things.  #1 on my list was Colorless Blender refill ink for my marker.  YEAH, I can practice blending again.  While I was there I picked up a few sheets of Bo Bunny Paper and some other paper that was cute.  The main reason I was going there was to get some new stamps.  I like Stamping Bella, but of course the store didn't have the ones I wanted so I ordered them online from Addicted to Rubberstamping.  I can't wait for my stamps to get here.

Okay here's my small tiny rant... Why is it when you go into a store and you're asking questions the employees get attitudish??  1- If I am the customer and I want to spend MY money, be happy.  2 - If you don't have what I'm looking for I am going to go someplace else. 3 - We're "in a recession" < I've always wanted to use that saying in the middle of a sentence> so the least amount of money I spend at one place the more I can spend at another.  DUH!!!!!  This small tiny rant was brought on by an incident at my LSS.  Rudeness is NOT needed and I personally will not tolerate it.  I'm already down to 1 LSS, I'd hate to have to start driving over 45 mins away to buy paper.  LOL

Now, back to my new purchases.... I'm up to over 36 Copics!  As Chandler reminded me only 298 more to go!  That's my little mathematician! Don't have anything new to post (finished items).  Give me a day or two and I hope to blow you away.

Things I've working on:
Cards for the SOC card swap!  OH YEA, I'm the Hostess with the Mostess this Month!!
Practicing/playing around with my Copics
Chandler's Chore Chart
Misc Altered Art Projects
STILL working on the curtains ((UGHHHH... I do not like to iron!!))
Other stuff, but I haven't had any coffee yet so I can't remember right now.

Before I start to ramble... Happy Labor Day.  If you're traveling, may you and yours make it to your ending destination and all points in between safely!

Happy Creating!