Friday, May 28, 2010

Friends.... How many of us have them??

I sat down this morning to catch up on some things, then I came here.  I went from 9 followers to 14!!  This is so exciting!  Before I go any further...

You ladies are simply the best!  So on to the "good stuff"!!!  ((DRUM ROLL)

The randomly selected followers are:


Just in case you're just joining us and wondering what's going on... Every time 5 new people follow my blog, a name is pulled and then you get a prize! (Okay maybe not a "prize", but more of a "gift").  Please see the "Ahhh Copics", posting for all the fine print regarding your "gift".
Oh and we all know Jenise Bennett was THE first follower so I'm going to celebrate her!!

This is so fun and exciting and unbelievable!  People that ACTUALLY like what you like, know what you're talking about AND... they are equally as enthused as you!!  Get out of here!!!  Is this real??  Am I dreaming?  For so long, I've been frustrated and kind of lonely.  I would try to explain scrapbooking or even better crafting to non-crafters and they look at you like you've got 3 eyes and a huge booger hanging from your nose. Now... I feel like the clouds have opened up and all these Crafting Angels have been sent my way.  You ladies care and encourage, which means a lot.  

So to each of my new friends...  
Have a wonderful and truly blessed day!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ahhh... COPICS!

Good Morning everybody! 

Okay... I slept well and woke up VERY refreshed and what did I do???  I'm up and blogging! -- LOL   Thought I was going to say I made something, huh?  NOT... at least not this early!  I did however color a cute little stamp the other day at work.  (Yes, at work)  There was nothing for me to do so... what a perfect time for Copic practice. 

Are you reading this and thinking what are Copics? My thought is "Where on earth have you been??" However, if you aren't a crafter. ((LOL @ "not a crafter") Copics are markers. Wait... they aren't just any marker... they are like the Cricut Expression of die cutting machines or as I explained to a guy friend... Copics are like a Bentley and Crayola markers are like a Yugo. (remember that little car)  LOL.... Anyways, I'm NOT endorsing Copics in any, way, shape or form unless of course they'd like to send me 334 sketch markers.  Oh, as I was saying they are cool markers see here for yourself.

I just thought of something! (Actually I thought of it when I started this posting but my mind went in a different direction once I looked at my bag of Copics sitting on the table) For every FIVE (5) new followers, I'll randomly pick a person, then send them a small Thank You gift.  Now there's only one small rule. Please see the fine print at the end of this entry!

JENISE BENNETT... come on down!!! Jenise was THE first follower so I as a thank you... I've got a little gift for you.  Get me your postal information!

Happy Creating Everybody!

OH... the fine print. 
All items/gifts/prizes or what ever word I think of at that moment are given away just because.  There isn't a method to the madness or a schedule.  When I think it, I'll announce it and send someone something!  Now... here's the catch... Please USE what I send you and post a picture of what you've made here! Also, there will be NO set value of what I send and I highly doubt it'll be Copics or Cricut Carts... LOL so don't be disappointed!  Remember it's the thought that counts.  We are ALL creative!  So here's a recap:
1) I'll send stuff to followers, yes followers!
2) Things are sent at random, if you provide me your shipping info upon notification.
3) Ummm... Anything sent will always be NEW and UNUSED!!
4) Whatever I send you, USE IT  and post a picture here of what you created!

Spoiled Girl OUT!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I'm moving and shaking now!  Got some followers! -- LOL... Now I don't feel as though I'm talking to myself. Today was such a BLAH day!  Totally forgot about my doctor's appointment, but I remembered to grab my Copics and some practice pictures.  Oh the mind of a crafter!  Speaking of....
Don't you just love my shirt??


Here is the black tee from Friday Night's Game!
(How's that for PRE-GAME crafting??)

Gotta have that TROJAN Spirit!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

What a Month!!!

Thank God, I've made it to see another new week!!  So what's the hold up with pictures of things that I've been working on?? Ummm... I couldn't find the camera.... don't ever remember to bring the cord for my phone... Maybe I should just say L-A-Z-Y!!!  Seriously... I've just been busy!  Chandler recently had a birthday (May 4th) and is now 10 and... his party has been postponed cause there is just too much going on and I need a chance to catch up.

Here's what's been going on in Spoiled Girl Land:

  • At the beginning  of the month I had my "Too good to be true" trip to L.A. for Provo Craft Training! Yes!  Provo Craft Training, as in learn all about PC products and get some cool things to use!!  Can you say Cricut Cake??? Cake Cartridges?? Gypsy?? -- yes all of them!  And each one of them is GREAT!!
  • Mother's Day has come and gone and the cards were CUTE!!
  • I've participated in 4 SOC swaps.... Recipe Page, Bookmarks, Themed Stamped Image and the gift tags!
  • Just signed up for 2 more so I know I'll be extra busy again.
  • Some where in the middle of all of this, I've taken the Copic I class and started to build my Copics Stash.  I'm at 20+ so far.
  • Football Season has been in full swing and is FINALLY coming to a halt for all of 2 weeks then we're back at it preparing for the National Championship Tournament!  Speaking of football, you know me!  I wanted to have a different shirt than all of the other moms so, YES... I threw together THE cutest little black T-shirt right before the game. (Literally! Coach Kyle was calling, ""Where's my star player??  We need him here!!")  Ahhh... being a Football Mom!!  We will do almost anything for our children!
  • Okay umm... Did I mention we're moving on Friday???
So now does it make sense that things are a little bare around here and the postings are so random???

** Note to Self:  Invite others here.  Feels like I'm talking to myself!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Why "Spoiled Girl"?

Okay, there isn't anyone following my blog just yet, but I'm sure people will ask... "Why Spoiled Girl"??  Hmmm.... It's actually kind of funny.  All my life I've been called "spoiled".  I can remember my Papa telling me I was "spoiled rotten" and other family members making reference to me being "rotten to the core".  Okay so, fast forward a few years and I'm married.   Then I met another Army Wife through my BFF and she would always tell me I was "spoiled", because my husband (now my ex) gave me pretty much whatever I wanted. Back then I shopped A LOT and I've accumulated some really cool household items.  Now we'll fast forward a few more years and I'm single again and yes, the dating  scene SUCKS!!  There was a guy that would call me spoiled all the time.  I would always say "I'm not spoiled" and he'd say I was.... Are you getting the picture?? -- LOL

So as I'm sitting around trying to think of something to call this blog... "Spoiled Girl" popped into my head.  As they say "and the rest was history".  Except, after 2 blog entries, there's not much history.  YET! Okay so, we've established why I have this blog and what its purpose is and we know why it's called what it's called.  Any questions???  Please take notes, because there will be a quiz someday! 

Okay... back to work I go.  Be looking for some cool things to come!  (Pictures, music, MONEY... okay maybe not money, but fun stuff!)

Happy Creating!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My First Post...

Today is May 13, 2010.  WOW... I can't believe it is already the month of MAY!!!  I've been a little "busy bee".  LOL -- Since this is my first blog entry I'll take it things slow and catch everyone up to speed slowly. 

(clearing my throat)  This blog is here to showcase my creativity and I'm sure it will turn into a great outlet for me!  I've met so many wonderful and creative women in the past few months and I can't wait for them to get here and share things. 

There's this little saying.... "everything happens for a reason", and I am truly starting to believe that.  (Okay, I'm at work and I know I need to be working, so I'll have to come back later with a Part II.

Happy Creating Everybody!