Friday, May 14, 2010

Why "Spoiled Girl"?

Okay, there isn't anyone following my blog just yet, but I'm sure people will ask... "Why Spoiled Girl"??  Hmmm.... It's actually kind of funny.  All my life I've been called "spoiled".  I can remember my Papa telling me I was "spoiled rotten" and other family members making reference to me being "rotten to the core".  Okay so, fast forward a few years and I'm married.   Then I met another Army Wife through my BFF and she would always tell me I was "spoiled", because my husband (now my ex) gave me pretty much whatever I wanted. Back then I shopped A LOT and I've accumulated some really cool household items.  Now we'll fast forward a few more years and I'm single again and yes, the dating  scene SUCKS!!  There was a guy that would call me spoiled all the time.  I would always say "I'm not spoiled" and he'd say I was.... Are you getting the picture?? -- LOL

So as I'm sitting around trying to think of something to call this blog... "Spoiled Girl" popped into my head.  As they say "and the rest was history".  Except, after 2 blog entries, there's not much history.  YET! Okay so, we've established why I have this blog and what its purpose is and we know why it's called what it's called.  Any questions???  Please take notes, because there will be a quiz someday! 

Okay... back to work I go.  Be looking for some cool things to come!  (Pictures, music, MONEY... okay maybe not money, but fun stuff!)

Happy Creating!

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