~ All About ME! ~

My name is Chauntelle Walker-Nealy. 
I am originally from Beaumont, TX but had the luxury of being an Army Brat then an Army Wife for 8 years.  Those that are familiar with that lifestyle know you move around from place to place collecting memories, cool trinkets and often times lasting friendships! Of the places I've been, my most favorite place is and will always be Washington State... Chandler's Birth Place, Home to STARBUCKS and the place where my BFF (Lisa) lives!!

Life always brings change... having said that I am now a divorced mommy with one 11yr old son (Chandler).  Anyone that knows me, knows Chandler IS my world. Being a mom has brought me more joy than I will ever be able to express!  Chandler is a football player.  He plays both indoor 8-on-8 arena ball and traditional 11-on-11 fall ball. 

In addition to my son, I have THE cutest Miniature Schnauzer (Babineaux) to walk the face of the Earth. Between the two of them... there is NEVER a dull moment at our place!!

As for me, I have always been called an "artsy-craftsy" type person. "Artsy-Craftsy" Hmmm... What does that mean?? Beats me, but I've always taken it as a compliment!! :~)
Don't bother asking me how I got started or what sparked my interest, in crafts because IDK. I just enjoy crafting and it's something that I do. There is nothing like sitting down with a table full of supplies and good music playing.  At that point, the possibilites are endless!!  If I see it or think it... eventually I'm going to create it. KEYWORD: Eventually

Thank you for stopping in.  Enjoy yourself and come back often!
Happy Crafting!