Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Good morning everyone...
Just breezing through sprinkling a little HD (happy dust) here and there. Today the sun is shining bright and the clouds are a cheerful blue unlike the gloomy gray from the other day.  Most of the boxes are unpacked and the new place is functioning!!  I've even sat down and created something.  Now keep in mind my workspace still looks like a category 12 natural disaster! -- LOL

Here are the Thank You cards I did to send to the soldiers!

The Thank You was cut from the Cricut Cartridge  Beyond Birthdays.  I saw it while doing my demo on Sunday and decided to make 2 cuts from black cardstock.

NOW...  Ask me what was I thinking with that bow???  (red & white)   Believe it our not... It actually fit into an envelope better than the other one.

Making these card were a challenge, because most of my crafting supplies are still unorganized!  But I didn't mind one bit!  Thank you so all the men and women that serve in our Armed Forces!  My God Bless each and everyone of you for all that you do!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Yeah... Another Friday!

I am soooo happy that it's Friday. The weekend is finally here! Sunday is my Demo Day at Michael's and tomorrow I'm going to this stamp store called Stamp Salado. They have some cool looking stamps in their pictures and of course I've been inspired as always. LOL... It's a nice little drive from Hurst, but... Chandler is returning home!!! I'm meeting The Parents to pick him up. Normally driving isn't my favorite thing, but I'm happy and excited all at the same time, because when he left the apartment looked like a disaster zone! He's going to be so excited to see the progress that I've made. My goal today is to knock out his room and have it all organized.  Speaking of organized... I got the BTYGs (Blog Thank You Gifts) in the mail yesterday. (finally) I meant to say that last night and it slipped my mind. NOW... I can't wait to see what the ladies do with what they were sent.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Okay, well I've been in the new place for almost 2 weeks and it's FINALLY starting to look and feel like home.  Thanks to a really great guy, my desk is UP!!! Now to just sit and work.  As always I've got more than enough stuff that I'm working on.  I'll have pictures this weekend.  Can't find the camera cord. (I need to just use the hot glue gun and attach it to the camera)

The new Cricut cartridges are AWESOME and I've fallen in love with Wall Decor and More!  There are some really cool cuts and now that I've found discounted vinyl my room will definitely get a cool makeover.  I've decided on Pink, Black and White as my color palette, with BLING and all things girlie and feminine.  Guess I'll go and get some "real" work done!

~happy crafting~

Monday, June 7, 2010

Short and Sweet

Ahhh... it's Monday!  Never thought I'd be excited about that!  My weekends are so jam packed now that Monday is like a rest day.  Chandler and The Parents made it back safely on Saturday evening and as for me... I slept the day away, after running a bazillion errands in that 100+ degree Texas heat.  Then Sunday, it was off to the Denton Michael's for my demo, which was ________.  (fill in the blank with any adjective that does NOT mean fun)  The store was slow... barely any customers, but one lady (Ms.Lulu) that actually brightened my day and made me remember why I enjoy demonstrating the Provo Craft products.  You meet the coolest people, when you least expect it, like the couple (Martin and Camille) that came in at the very end. 

Okay... as you've noticed... I'm up to 17 followers so... ((drum roll))
The next name pulled is:
Vivian Bolden

Yeah, yeah... Chandler is gone and so I had Julie at work pull a name.  She's a CPA, so it's official PLUS it was witnessed by one of the Auditors that happened to be walking by!

Ms. Vivi... I snabbed your address from the RAK database.  NOW... all gifts WILL go in the mail tomorrow.
(Guess you all know what I'll be doing when I get home this evening!)

Recipent Recap:
Jenise Bennett
Roxyie Winston (Angelinwaiting)
Stephanie Murphy
Vivian Bolden

Congrats Ladies
Happy Creating Everybody!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hey R46... Where are you??

I started frantically unpacking boxes when I got home yesterday.  We're having visitors.  "The Parents" are coming! (fade creepy music in the background) -- LOL.  Okay I am excited that they are coming, but NOT prepared.  My goal was to clear the area where my desk will go and set up a temp work station so I could work on some things. I have some really cool ideas floating around in my head, but I can't work in all the chaos. As I go to reassemble my scrap table/desk... one of the legs isn't working. UGH....  I take a deep breath and decide after trying to fix it for over 20 mins I'm DONE, so I'll just use Chandler's desk, which is WAY smaller than mine but it'll do.  I grab my laptop to start blogging... INTERNET IS NOT WORKING!!!!  Okay, I'll use this time to get my supplies together.  I reached to pick up my Copics bag... and I didn't see all of the red markers.  WHAT?!?!?!?  My little R46 is missing!  Oh NO!!! I searched high and low and unpacked 6 boxes looking for R46. Still no luck.  At this point I've started to get frustrated, because all I wanted to do was come home sit at my workstation and create. Frustration turns to anger and at this point nothing is happening fast enough or right enough for me.  I literally wanted to scream!!  ((WOOOOO SAAAAAAAAA))

I regroup at 7:45 and decide I'll just drive to Ikea, in Frisco which is 31.41 miles from home to get a new leg for the stupid table. (yeah I was THAT mad and frustrated)  Just as we get ready to walk out the door, I remembered the FedEx box!!  Provo Craft sent me my new demo kit for June and I had to pick it up.  Now... here's the dilemma Ikea (left hand up, right hand down) FedEx (right hand up, left hand down) Go back and forth a few times and remember I still haven't found R46.  FedEx wins and cha-ching!!  4 New Circut Cartridges were included in my kit! 

Can you say EXCITED!!!  Needless to say... Ikea will have to wait!  Chandler and I went out to dinner and had fun.  When I got home, internet was still down and R46 was still no where to be found.  I took a deep breath and went to bed!  Fast forward... It's Friday, JEANS DAY at work and guess what I'm looking at???  R46!  It was inside my stamps tote!  NOW... today will be a beautiful day!!

** Images courtesy of My Cricut Scrapbooking.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So Very Grateful...

I am so excited!  It's another day and I am that much closer to being settled in the new place.  Last night we had our very first HOME-COOKED meal!!  Here's what we had:

King Ranch Chicken:
Here is a good recipe.  I used this one as my base but I've altered it to make it my very own secret recipe! -- Yummy!  FYI... unless you burn it, you CAN NOT mess up this casserole!

Yes, Chandler had me shucking REAL corn.  He was so excited when he saw a lady in the store selecting her corn.  I couldn't say no when he asked if we could have that kind, too. 
Originally, I planned on making salad but that didn't happen. I did however make brownies!
Guess you know what we're having for dinner tonight!  -- LOL (left overs!)

Scraps of Color Attitude of Gratitude Challenge: Day #1 (Tues. 1 June 2010)
I am so very grateful for my strength!  It was on June 1, 2006, that Chandler and I struck out on our own and began our new journey!  We've had our good times and bad times, but it is so nice to sit back and see how much stronger I've become as a woman and a mom!  There were days I didn't think I'd make it but look at me now! 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What was I thinking??

Okay.... I've never claimed to be a genius.  Well actaully I have because I am, but sometimes we all make "not so smart choices".  Today I will admit moving in MAY in TEXAS, WAS NOT my smartest of ideas!  The words "moving", "May" and "Texas" should have been a dead giveaway!  LOL... Can you say HOT, HOTT and more HOTTT??  OMG... My sweat was sweating!  Needless to say, several gallons of water, tons of Powerades, and a few boxes of Capri Suns later, everything is moved from the old place to the new place. Now the fun begins.  DECORATING!!  (Oh yeah!  Umm Hmmm -- doing the happy dance)  Wait... I have to unpack first!   Unpacking will take me until this time next year... Talk about a scrapbook supply hoarder!! 
((Standing in front of the group)) 
My name is Chauntelle and I am "Scrapbook Supply Hoarder"!  Which is good for my followers which by the way I am up to 16!!  YEAH!!  That means this evening, Chandler will randomly select another name!!  And for the record.... these gifts are kind of cool.  It's amazing what you find when you move!  :~)  I can't wait to see what you all create!  As I'm sitting here typing... I just thought about something.  What if a NC (non-crafter) becomes a follower and their name gets pulled???  (crickets chirping in the background)  Hmmmm....Same rules apply!