Saturday, August 21, 2010

Crafters vs. Non-Crafters... What's the Difference??

Good Morning Everyone!

I'm just waking up and for once it doesn't feel like hell has caught on fire! In case you didn't know, I live in {Texas}.  For those of you that have never had the pleasure of visiting, DO NOT!!  LOL... at least not during the months of June or July, or August. Then again one year it was almost 90 degrees at Christmas!

So, I'm sure by now you're wondering, "What's the difference between a Crafter and a Non-Crafter?".  Besides the obvious, one crafts, one doesn't. Well DUH!  That was too easy.  This is what I have observed in recent years.  Crafters love the following stores:  Michael's, JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, and A.C. Moore.  Crafters are on their mailing lists, we get coupons and probably know the layout of our local stores with our eyes closed.  Crafters bond instantly with another crafter when you use the words, "Cricut, Stickles, Distressed and or Cardstock".   Crafting is a sisterhood and in some cases a brotherhood of creativity.

Then you have the Non-Crafter (NCs).  These are the people that go into the above mentioned stores and pay FULL PRICE for everything, unless they happen to grab something on sale.  Full Price?? WOE (what on earth) is that??? LOL....  NCs receive handcrafted cards then throw them out like cheap Dollar Tree cards, days later.  ARE YOU SERIOUS???  They don't appreciate the hard work and thought that goes into their "handmade" goodies.  NCs, you all need to wake-up and see what you're getting is far more precious than the Hallmark card with all the rhyming words.

Below is a Get Well card that I made for a family member that just had surgery.  You'd have to know this person to know this card was PERFECT for her!
  Bugaboo DigiStamp - Nurse Margaret.  Copics used: 100, C7, C1, E47, E37 RV19 and the Colorless Blender.

A Crafters response... "WOW!" or "Nice coloring" or "That is too cute".

Non-Crafter response, "You did all of that for a card?" "All the time it took you to do that, you could have just ordered flowers online."  -- LOL, that one made me laugh, but my most favorite response was sent to me via text message that simply said, "Ok".

Well, no matter what a NC may say, not say or think, I do this because it's something that I enjoy.  Everyone has a God given talent be it singing or dancing, mine just happens to be crafting.  I plan to use this gift to it's fullest, as much as I can, whenever I can. 

On that note, be blessed and have a wonderful day.
Happy Creating!

Friday, August 20, 2010

TGI Friday!!!

Another week has come and gone. Chandler is back from The Parents and we're getting ready for school to start on Monday.  We were so busy delivering goodies yesterday, we missed Meet the Teacher but hopefully the gift recipients were happy.  Actually I wouldn't know because one gift recipient hasn't taken the time to acknowledge her gifts.  LOL... reminds me of something this exact person said, "No call, no text, no e-mail, sheesh... not even a Facebook message!"  Either way,  I had fun making these because I just love ribbon!
This one is for the basketball team "A&M Elite".    As you can see there is a ton of ribbon in various sizes and textures.  You name it and it can go on the cover.  There's ribbon and glitter glue and bling and stickles and ... LOL, I think you get the point.
Here's a closer view of the ball.

Okay... everybody knows I'm a football fan, so of course this one is my favorite! {FOOTBALL IS LIFE}! At least according to Chandler it is.  Basically it's a collage, of various football items. (stickers, paper and tons of other embellies) 
 I cut this image using the Cricut cartridge Sports Mania.

FYI... SCRAPS are great for making these cool books.

Now, more goodie to share for today. 

This was a birthday card made for the spouse of the notebooks recipient.  He's a dad of some of the players from Chandler's arena football team, who was a part of the moving crew!
 After all those boxes and trips back and forth up and down the stairs... I think a card was the least I could do.

Either way... Happy Birthday Mr. McC.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh what a week...

Happy Friday Everybody...
Just breezing through taking a moment to add a few more photos. Its Friday and the count down has official started.  Chandler will be back from his 3 weeks stay with The Parents on Sunday!! I have missed him so much.  I can't wait for him to see what I've done to his room! He's going to LOVE it!  Hopefully I'll have the pictures up by next Monday.  Note... I said:  HOPEFULLY

Until then, enjoy these pictures of some other finished products....

These are the gift tags from the SOC Tag Swap!
I just love all of these bright and cheerful colors!!
The various shade of pink,yellows and orange blended well together.

 What doYudu? I made this t-shirt using the Yudu machine.
Now, "Screen Printing Guru" can also be added to my many lists of talents!  
Screen printing is actually kind of fun once you get the hang of it.

Here are the cards I mailed to family to let them know we'd moved!
I just love my $22.50 eBay auction won Cricut Cartridge: Beyond Celebrations!  
Check out some of the other cool designs.

As always...
I am so happy that you stop by and checkout what's going on here in Spoiled Girl Land!


Have a Happy Scrappy Creative Day!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I think I'm getting my {mojo} back...

Boy-oh-boy there is nothing like that rushing feeling of creativity!  Here are some things that I've completed over the past few weeks...... ((drum roll))
8x8 Page Layout
If you're a Scraps of Color Member you'll eventually see this in the gallery and if you joined in on the fun of the recipe swap.... You'll get your very own!!   Tamale Casserole  was my recipe of choice.  I added the {Texas} part to give it some "originality".  It's actually pretty good. I made it for the first time just before the accident and of course, Chandler didn't complain! As a matter of fact... he asked for seconds!

FYI... this blog posting has been sitting in draft form for over a week or so... Here's card I made for Jasmine! Hate we missed the luau party! Jas' mom, Trish {a.k.a} my neighbor (well at the old place) is just cooler than ice cubes so I know the party was a B-L-A-S-T!!                                   
Close up of image.

Of course I colored it using my fabulous Copic Markers! Which by the way I am up to a whole whopping 30 markers! Only 304 left until I have the complete set! -- LOL  

Next up comes a cute little picture frame that I did night before last, well actually it was... Okay, ok... technically it was Monday morning and to be exact I started on it at 2:13 am.  I couldn't sleep and I remembered I was going to make something for my co-worker who's having a baby.  Of course she's having little girl, so my eyes lit up and that creative sparkle began to twinkle and TAAAA-DAAAA .....

Here are some close ups. 

There are several of things I would like to show off but I don't want this entry to be too crowded and overwhelming.  Having said that, until my next post...

Happy Creating!