Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I think I'm getting my {mojo} back...

Boy-oh-boy there is nothing like that rushing feeling of creativity!  Here are some things that I've completed over the past few weeks...... ((drum roll))
8x8 Page Layout
If you're a Scraps of Color Member you'll eventually see this in the gallery and if you joined in on the fun of the recipe swap.... You'll get your very own!!   Tamale Casserole  was my recipe of choice.  I added the {Texas} part to give it some "originality".  It's actually pretty good. I made it for the first time just before the accident and of course, Chandler didn't complain! As a matter of fact... he asked for seconds!

FYI... this blog posting has been sitting in draft form for over a week or so... Here's card I made for Jasmine! Hate we missed the luau party! Jas' mom, Trish {a.k.a} my neighbor (well at the old place) is just cooler than ice cubes so I know the party was a B-L-A-S-T!!                                   
Close up of image.

Of course I colored it using my fabulous Copic Markers! Which by the way I am up to a whole whopping 30 markers! Only 304 left until I have the complete set! -- LOL  

Next up comes a cute little picture frame that I did night before last, well actually it was... Okay, ok... technically it was Monday morning and to be exact I started on it at 2:13 am.  I couldn't sleep and I remembered I was going to make something for my co-worker who's having a baby.  Of course she's having little girl, so my eyes lit up and that creative sparkle began to twinkle and TAAAA-DAAAA .....

Here are some close ups. 

There are several of things I would like to show off but I don't want this entry to be too crowded and overwhelming.  Having said that, until my next post...

Happy Creating!


  1. Glad you got your mojo back, cute projects!

  2. Ditto! I'm also glad to know you got your mojo back. I love the pink frame and I'm sure your co-worker will also. I read your posting on SOC regarding starting a blog and decided to visit your blog site. Very nice. I signed up as a follower too. When you get a chance, feel free to visit me at www.lorie-thepeddler.blogspot.com.