Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So Very Grateful...

I am so excited!  It's another day and I am that much closer to being settled in the new place.  Last night we had our very first HOME-COOKED meal!!  Here's what we had:

King Ranch Chicken:
Here is a good recipe.  I used this one as my base but I've altered it to make it my very own secret recipe! -- Yummy!  FYI... unless you burn it, you CAN NOT mess up this casserole!

Yes, Chandler had me shucking REAL corn.  He was so excited when he saw a lady in the store selecting her corn.  I couldn't say no when he asked if we could have that kind, too. 
Originally, I planned on making salad but that didn't happen. I did however make brownies!
Guess you know what we're having for dinner tonight!  -- LOL (left overs!)

Scraps of Color Attitude of Gratitude Challenge: Day #1 (Tues. 1 June 2010)
I am so very grateful for my strength!  It was on June 1, 2006, that Chandler and I struck out on our own and began our new journey!  We've had our good times and bad times, but it is so nice to sit back and see how much stronger I've become as a woman and a mom!  There were days I didn't think I'd make it but look at me now! 


  1. yummy!!! that looks so good!!! is there any leftovers??? send them my way!!! lol!! Hope you enjoyed your home cooked meal!!

  2. Thats wonderful. I truly understand what it means to be a single mom. And you WILL survive!