Friday, June 4, 2010

Hey R46... Where are you??

I started frantically unpacking boxes when I got home yesterday.  We're having visitors.  "The Parents" are coming! (fade creepy music in the background) -- LOL.  Okay I am excited that they are coming, but NOT prepared.  My goal was to clear the area where my desk will go and set up a temp work station so I could work on some things. I have some really cool ideas floating around in my head, but I can't work in all the chaos. As I go to reassemble my scrap table/desk... one of the legs isn't working. UGH....  I take a deep breath and decide after trying to fix it for over 20 mins I'm DONE, so I'll just use Chandler's desk, which is WAY smaller than mine but it'll do.  I grab my laptop to start blogging... INTERNET IS NOT WORKING!!!!  Okay, I'll use this time to get my supplies together.  I reached to pick up my Copics bag... and I didn't see all of the red markers.  WHAT?!?!?!?  My little R46 is missing!  Oh NO!!! I searched high and low and unpacked 6 boxes looking for R46. Still no luck.  At this point I've started to get frustrated, because all I wanted to do was come home sit at my workstation and create. Frustration turns to anger and at this point nothing is happening fast enough or right enough for me.  I literally wanted to scream!!  ((WOOOOO SAAAAAAAAA))

I regroup at 7:45 and decide I'll just drive to Ikea, in Frisco which is 31.41 miles from home to get a new leg for the stupid table. (yeah I was THAT mad and frustrated)  Just as we get ready to walk out the door, I remembered the FedEx box!!  Provo Craft sent me my new demo kit for June and I had to pick it up.  Now... here's the dilemma Ikea (left hand up, right hand down) FedEx (right hand up, left hand down) Go back and forth a few times and remember I still haven't found R46.  FedEx wins and cha-ching!!  4 New Circut Cartridges were included in my kit! 

Can you say EXCITED!!!  Needless to say... Ikea will have to wait!  Chandler and I went out to dinner and had fun.  When I got home, internet was still down and R46 was still no where to be found.  I took a deep breath and went to bed!  Fast forward... It's Friday, JEANS DAY at work and guess what I'm looking at???  R46!  It was inside my stamps tote!  NOW... today will be a beautiful day!!

** Images courtesy of My Cricut Scrapbooking.

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