Monday, June 7, 2010

Short and Sweet

Ahhh... it's Monday!  Never thought I'd be excited about that!  My weekends are so jam packed now that Monday is like a rest day.  Chandler and The Parents made it back safely on Saturday evening and as for me... I slept the day away, after running a bazillion errands in that 100+ degree Texas heat.  Then Sunday, it was off to the Denton Michael's for my demo, which was ________.  (fill in the blank with any adjective that does NOT mean fun)  The store was slow... barely any customers, but one lady (Ms.Lulu) that actually brightened my day and made me remember why I enjoy demonstrating the Provo Craft products.  You meet the coolest people, when you least expect it, like the couple (Martin and Camille) that came in at the very end. 

Okay... as you've noticed... I'm up to 17 followers so... ((drum roll))
The next name pulled is:
Vivian Bolden

Yeah, yeah... Chandler is gone and so I had Julie at work pull a name.  She's a CPA, so it's official PLUS it was witnessed by one of the Auditors that happened to be walking by!

Ms. Vivi... I snabbed your address from the RAK database.  NOW... all gifts WILL go in the mail tomorrow.
(Guess you all know what I'll be doing when I get home this evening!)

Recipent Recap:
Jenise Bennett
Roxyie Winston (Angelinwaiting)
Stephanie Murphy
Vivian Bolden

Congrats Ladies
Happy Creating Everybody!


  1. My goodies came in the mail today! Thank you so much! You are a sweetie!

  2. How do I post my picture of the card I made from the goodies you sent? Also, sorry it took so long, I have been out of town and returned home sick for almost a week, but feeling better now