Thursday, May 13, 2010

My First Post...

Today is May 13, 2010.  WOW... I can't believe it is already the month of MAY!!!  I've been a little "busy bee".  LOL -- Since this is my first blog entry I'll take it things slow and catch everyone up to speed slowly. 

(clearing my throat)  This blog is here to showcase my creativity and I'm sure it will turn into a great outlet for me!  I've met so many wonderful and creative women in the past few months and I can't wait for them to get here and share things. 

There's this little saying.... "everything happens for a reason", and I am truly starting to believe that.  (Okay, I'm at work and I know I need to be working, so I'll have to come back later with a Part II.

Happy Creating Everybody!

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