Monday, May 24, 2010

What a Month!!!

Thank God, I've made it to see another new week!!  So what's the hold up with pictures of things that I've been working on?? Ummm... I couldn't find the camera.... don't ever remember to bring the cord for my phone... Maybe I should just say L-A-Z-Y!!!  Seriously... I've just been busy!  Chandler recently had a birthday (May 4th) and is now 10 and... his party has been postponed cause there is just too much going on and I need a chance to catch up.

Here's what's been going on in Spoiled Girl Land:

  • At the beginning  of the month I had my "Too good to be true" trip to L.A. for Provo Craft Training! Yes!  Provo Craft Training, as in learn all about PC products and get some cool things to use!!  Can you say Cricut Cake??? Cake Cartridges?? Gypsy?? -- yes all of them!  And each one of them is GREAT!!
  • Mother's Day has come and gone and the cards were CUTE!!
  • I've participated in 4 SOC swaps.... Recipe Page, Bookmarks, Themed Stamped Image and the gift tags!
  • Just signed up for 2 more so I know I'll be extra busy again.
  • Some where in the middle of all of this, I've taken the Copic I class and started to build my Copics Stash.  I'm at 20+ so far.
  • Football Season has been in full swing and is FINALLY coming to a halt for all of 2 weeks then we're back at it preparing for the National Championship Tournament!  Speaking of football, you know me!  I wanted to have a different shirt than all of the other moms so, YES... I threw together THE cutest little black T-shirt right before the game. (Literally! Coach Kyle was calling, ""Where's my star player??  We need him here!!")  Ahhh... being a Football Mom!!  We will do almost anything for our children!
  • Okay umm... Did I mention we're moving on Friday???
So now does it make sense that things are a little bare around here and the postings are so random???

** Note to Self:  Invite others here.  Feels like I'm talking to myself!

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