Friday, May 28, 2010

Friends.... How many of us have them??

I sat down this morning to catch up on some things, then I came here.  I went from 9 followers to 14!!  This is so exciting!  Before I go any further...

You ladies are simply the best!  So on to the "good stuff"!!!  ((DRUM ROLL)

The randomly selected followers are:


Just in case you're just joining us and wondering what's going on... Every time 5 new people follow my blog, a name is pulled and then you get a prize! (Okay maybe not a "prize", but more of a "gift").  Please see the "Ahhh Copics", posting for all the fine print regarding your "gift".
Oh and we all know Jenise Bennett was THE first follower so I'm going to celebrate her!!

This is so fun and exciting and unbelievable!  People that ACTUALLY like what you like, know what you're talking about AND... they are equally as enthused as you!!  Get out of here!!!  Is this real??  Am I dreaming?  For so long, I've been frustrated and kind of lonely.  I would try to explain scrapbooking or even better crafting to non-crafters and they look at you like you've got 3 eyes and a huge booger hanging from your nose. Now... I feel like the clouds have opened up and all these Crafting Angels have been sent my way.  You ladies care and encourage, which means a lot.  

So to each of my new friends...  
Have a wonderful and truly blessed day!



  1. Congratulations on your blog. It looks like I'm number 15 as a blog follower. It all looks very interesting. Love the reasoning behind your blog. Lil' Ms Spoiled

  2. This is so true! It is so great to find others who love crafting much as you do... I feel the same way- love your blog! Hugs, April