Friday, November 12, 2010


Have you ever had one of those moments when all you can think of is, "Ummmmmm"??  Okay so I've been having one of those moments for a while.  Like two months and six days worth of it.  LOL...  It's weird because so much has gone on.  I've actually completed so much stuff, I'm amazed.  (pictures to come).  For some reason... I just lost the desire to blog. I {blog hop} a lot and there are so many COOL blogs out there, then I come back to mine and it looks dead.  The color combination looked good in my head, but it's NOT a true representation of who I am.  I am not walking around as a muted hue of gray, well some days.  Today... I feel like a pretty yellow. (Acid Yellow - Copic Y08)  It's amazing what a hot shower at O'dark-thirty will do for you. 

So, I've been thinking.... I think it's time for a BLOG Makeover....  My b-day is exactly 21 days away.  So I have 21 days to get the new blog up with current pictures and so forth!  Can I do it?  "Ummmmm"???  LOL

21 days and counting..... (insert clock ticking sound here)


  1. cheat like I did and have a friend who knows blog design do something for you! I just told her to surprise me and she did! Of course now that it's all done, I can never change it cause I'm blog/computer illiterate!

  2. Hey, I'm late reading this....but I know EXACTLY where you're coming from! Creating a blog is "work." And it's ALLLLL new to me. But, the good part is this: I kept saying that I would create one...and I's not the best, it will never win any awards, but it is a WORK IN PROGRESS! Hugs+Kisses, Renee