Friday, April 8, 2011

How about a "Do Over"?? (part 1)

Greetings Everyone!
Remember when you were little and you'd mess up?? First thing you'd ask for was a "do over".  As you've notice by the date of my last entry, I dropped off the Blog-O-Meter, again! Wanna know why??? Wish I could say because I've been busy crafting away but that wouldn't be all true. Honestly, IDK why... I just did.  That makes today: My official Do-Over!  

My creative mojo left me after Valentine's Day.  (insert "sad face" here)  That was a busy time.  I was the hostess of two back to back swaps over at SOC.  Both of which were V-day themed... afterwards... I didn't want to see anything pink or with hearts!  LOL  Seriously... here are a few of the cards that I created.  

Various B-day Cards


Embossed card base

Inside sentiment

My FAV card w/ matching envelope

Detail shot

There are TONS more pics where these came from.  Guess I should set up a gallery huh?  Right now I'm working on several things.  Find details in Part 2 of this post, later this afternoon.

As always...
Happy Creating

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